Durante su tiempo viviendo en la ciudad de Leominster, MA, Jamil se dio cuenta que había una falta de profesionales en la área de reparación de abolladuras sin pintura.

Jamil decidió aprender las técnicas de la carrocería sin pintura. Después de completar el curso, Jamil abrió su proprio garaje que también ofrece el servicio móvil – el profesional vendrá a usted.

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Jay’s Dent Repair
1155 Central Street
Leominster, MA 01453
(978) 320 7029
[email protected]


    Jay's Dent Repair Inc.
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    Chris Coates
    Chris Coates
    Jay did an incredible job on my 2021 F250 - he took a crease right out of the aluminum fender and you can’t even tell it was there. Jay is a professional and very passionate about what he does!! Highly recommended!!
    BL Darton
    BL Darton
    My son needed to get a sizable dent / crease repaired to the driver side fender on his car. While at school another student hit his parked car. He/she didn’t stick around or leave a note. We found Jay took the car to him. Jay was very personable and professional. Not knowing anything about paint... less dent repair Jay explained the process. We left the car came back the damage was gone. We were amazed at the final result and great price. Jay saved us tons of money and the whole process of having to deal with the insurance company. All I can say is Jay treated and took care of us like we were his family. In my book that goes a long way. Oh yeah by the way he fixed a small ding on the hood of my car for free. Jay is a great guy with a great business. We highly recommend Jay’s Dent Repair. Thanks Jay!read more
    Todd Pitts
    Todd Pitts
    Jay and crew did a first class job repairing 2 dents on the rear quarter and 1 on the aluminum hood of my 2019 SS Camaro. The price was great also!!! Highly recommend!
    Angela M Luhtjarv
    Angela M Luhtjarv
    Amazing work! Highly recommended! Jay is very personable and proud of his work (I can see why). He is a master at his profession. I would definitely go back here again. Very accommodating and professional.
    Jessica Linn
    Jessica Linn
    Last night I parked my car a little too close to another vehicle and although Brian advised against it, I opened my door and showed him I was able to get out x2... there was a man sitting in this said vehicle and Bri went into the store... low and behold the man opened his door and hit my rear door... and he immediately got down and started looking for damage, I also got out and as this was a poorly lit parking lot I pulled out my flashlight on my phone and inspected it as well! The guy said looks like a scratch and offered his insurance but I declined as I thought It could be buffed out... We left and went to get gas and the lighting was bright so I took another look and low and behold was a dreaded, noticeable dent with a crack in the center of the paint... those who know me well, know I obsess and that is exactly what I did! Brian highly recommended Jay’s Dent Repair Inc on Central St in Leominster and this afternoon while out and about and still obsessing, drove down Central St and Jay was there and we pulled right in to get an estimate... Not only did Jay give me an estimate, but repaired it right on the spot as we watched... Jay is a master of his craft, a superior PDR specialist. His talent is sought after from the most elite, Mazda’s to McLaren’s... I highly recommend his talents and abilities, his years of his craftsman-shift and professionalism gleams from the magic he performs , restoring your vehicle back to pre-dent condition! If you have any dents or dings that you can’t put to rest,Jay is top notch, you won’t be disappointed!read more
    Jimmy Noudaranouvong
    Jimmy Noudaranouvong
    This guy is the real deal! Any dent, no matter how big or complex it may be, will disappear before your eyes. His work is like magic except it isn't. Jay simply is a hard worker who also enjoys a little challenge. Pair that with his many years of experience, meticulous attention to detail and his... overall passion for this type of work. He will treat your vehicle as if it were his own. He did an incredible job on my car and I highly recommend him to anyone looking to fix any dents on their car. Save money. Don't go to an autobody shop. Jay will take care of you.read more